• Why Choose Us?

  • At First Option, mortgages are about much more than numbers and rates. They’re about people: families and veterans, newlyweds and retirees, looking for a better life. Purchasing a home is life-changing, which is why we’re committed to every call that inquires about rates and every person who walks through the doors of our local branch offices with a dream of home ownership. We care about each other and our customers, because we believe in putting people first. We believe in making a difference.

    Jim Steen – Licensed Mortgage Broker NMLS#1005078

    Call 904-332-7807 office or Cell 904-200-0225

    Jim has been originating mortgages in Jacksonville, FL. since 2005 and has helped hundreds of borrowers find the right loan product for them. He has 12 years of experience with FHA, VA, and Conventional mortgages for primary residences, second homes, and investment properties. Jim’s experience ranges from helping first time homeowners, refinancing for debt consolidation, to working with investors to obtaining financing. Jim uses his experience based on having reviewed many different types of loan scenarios over the years to come up with solutions. He has a strong working knowledge of the mortgage process from origination through closing which helps him get deals done. Jim is dedicated to providing excellent service to his customers and values getting referral business from his clients.

    Why Should I use a Mortgage Broker Instead of my Bank or Credit Union?

    Saves You The Legwork

    Mortgage brokers have regular contact with a wide variety of lenders, some of whom you may not even know about. They also have access to loan programs like the Florida Bond downpayment assistance program that most banks or credit unions don’t carry. At First Option Mortgage we have access to 15 lenders who are ready to loan money.

    Brokers Have More Access
    Banks and credit unions have one source of funding and credit overlays that make it difficult to qualify for even well qualified borrowers to qualify. Many borrowers with both income and employment are denied loans every day by lending institutions. At First Option Mortgage we have access to programs that can help you either purchase or refinance your home.
    Speed & Time
    Banks and credit unions are often so backed up that most loans take 60 to 90 days to close. Many sellers will walk away from offers if the borrower needs 2-3 months to close the transaction. The result is the borrower gets stuck in the paperwork recycler as the months drag on. First Option Mortgage can have your loan funded within 30 days or less. This saves you time and money and reduces stress.
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